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Tips to Prevent Cancer Uterus

Tips to Prevent Cancer Uterus

Tips to Prevent Cancer Uterus

Tips to prevent cervical cancer. Cancer is a disease caused by the growth of cells that are not normal. Cervical cancer is timbuhnya abnormal cells on the cervix. Malignant disease was ranked top as the bearer of death. Here are tips to prevent cervical cancer:

  1. Stay away from smoking. This is the most important warnings for women smokers. Unless the cause of disease in the lungs and heart, the content of nicotine in cigarettes can cause cervical cancer (cervix).
  2. Vaginal washing. Douching or washing the vagina cause irritation to the cervix. Well, excessive irritation and too often will stimulate the cell changes, yag eventually become cancerous.
  3. Sprinkle Powder. What often happens, when the vaginal area itchy or red-red, you sprinkle the powder around it, is dangerous. Use powder in vagina women of childbearing age could trigger occurs ovarian cancer (ovarian).
  4. Low-Fat Diet. Important note, the incidence of cancer was closely related to one's diet. Women who consume lots of fat will be far more at risk for endometrial cancer that is often exposed to the volatile nature of the hormone estrogen to cancer.
  5. Vitamin C deficiency. Lifestyle of high fat foods will make people forget the other nutrients, like beta carotene, vitamin C and folic acid. In fact, all three nutrient deficiencies can cause cervical cancer arise.
  6. Sex Too Early. Sexual intercourse should ideally be done after a woman really has aged over 20 years. The size of maturity is not just seen it already menstruating or not, but it also depends on the maturity of mucosal cells, which are diselaput inner skin of the body cavity. Generally new mucosal cells could actually be used after the woman is aged 20 years and over.
  7. Alternated Couple. Cervical cancer can also appear in women who have multiple sex partners. This is related to the possibility of contracting venereal disease, one of which Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).
  8. Late Marriage. Conversely women who married late or not even be at risk of developing ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. Therefore, this class of women will continue to ovulate without a pause. So, ransgangan against endometrial ensued constantly. The result can make the cells in the endometrium so changed the nature of cancer.
  9. Use of Estrogen. The same risk will occur in late postmenopausal women. Because stimulation of the endometrium will be longer, so endometriumnya will more often exposed to estrogen, so it is possible to become cancerous.
Hopefully these tips can be helpful and useful for you.

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Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

Tips to prevent breast cancer. Breast cancer is a frightening specter for women. But now researchers have a lot to know how to prevent it, or at least reduce the risk of breast cancer. Here are some tips to naturally prevent breast cancer, include:

  1. Exercise regularly.
  2. Do not cook the meat overcooked.
  3. Consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  4. Consumption of anti-oxidant supplements.
  5. Consumption of nuts.
  6. Avoid alcohol.
  7. Bask under the sun.
  8. Do not smoke.
  9. Give regular milk to your baby.
I hope the above tips useful for you.

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Tips to Prevent Cancer

Tips to Prevent Cancer

Tips to prevent cancer. Cancer is a term used for diseases of abnormal cell division without the control and spread to surrounding tissues. Cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. According to the present concept of cancer is a disease gene. Here are tips to prevent cancer:

  1. Avoid cigarettes and tobacco.
  2. Healthy and balanced diet.
  3. Multiply eat fruits, vegetables and grains.
  4. Limit fat.
  5. Avoid alcohol.
  6. Stay active and maintain weight.
  7. Avoid sun exposure, especially at 10:00 to 15:00. Use hats, umbrellas, sun protective clothing or sunscreen when outside the room.
  8. Be wary of carcinogenic substances, such as gas, chemicals, etc..
  9. Perform screening of certain types of cancer.

Hopefully the tips from this article can help you and beneficial.

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Not Exactly Overcome Tips Diet Success

Not Exactly Overcome Tips Diet Success

Not Exactly Overcome Tips Diet Success 

First Tip: Reduce Excessive Fat, Do not contrary. 

In general, the less you process food, the lower the fat content in dalamnya.Pertimbangkan eat baked potato rather than fries or potato chips for example. Or is it better to eat whole wheat bread from the croissants. If you like to eat salad dressing endah other fats. Or if you are a fan of gado-gado, not too much to mix vegetables with peanut sauce. Limit your intake of sweet foods rich in fat skali a week. Read the nutrition labels carefully. and ktika you buy canned food, choose a fat content not more than 3 grams per 100 calories 

Tip Two: Breakfast The regular, not the contrary. 

Get used to breakfast. Working with an empty stomach you will make it difficult to concentrate. But avoid foods that are sweet. This type of food can indeed make you feel full, but also can make you drowsy. To control your appetite, choose a breakfast with karbonhidrat balanced composition, while foods rich in fiber such as vegetables, fruits and cereals can stabilize blood sugar, causing satiety. 

Tip three: Record What You Eat Food, Not To Forget

Keep a diet diary, which is a record of daily food consumption. With a diet diary you will be more careful every time you want to insert a mouth of your food.Because you have to write notes of you. The diary will also help you pinpoint situations that trigger you to overeat, and lead you to distinguish between consciousness and eating meals with lust. 

Tip Four: Do not Sugar Addiction. 

Do not get used to eat sweets as a dessert after every meal. Make snacks such as special meals only on weekends. Read nutrition labels to limit the foods that list sugar as one of the main ingredient products. Likewise with food containing several types of sugars such as sucrose, corn syrup or glucose. Eating less healthy foods that claim but actually contains a lot of sugar. And reduce or even should avoid fizzy drinks, or switching to carbonated drinks are sugar free. 

Tip Five: Eat Expand Nuts and legumes. 

Add the portions you eat legumes and nuts. Do it slowly, for about a week, to allow the body to adjust to changes in the addition of fiber in your diet. Kalaau you a bit lazy to cook, you can buy the beans are ready to eat. Importantly, note the levels of sodium, salt and ways of processing these foods. so do not get bored, you can meraciknya into various foods such as salads, soup, or a gado-gado, or peanut porridge. 

Tip Six: Expand Food Fiber. 

Compared to eating fruits, vegetables or grain products are rich in fiber, karbonhidrat, vitamins and minerals, you may prefer to consume cakes, pastries and donuts are made with added fat, sugar, salt, and additive materials. In fact, foods derived from wheat flour is one of the largest sources of saturated fat in our diet. Therefore, you can replace white bread, noodles or cake with whole-grain bread, cereal or pasta. In order to taste more delicious, you can mix the cereal with fresh fruit, or whole wheat bread with slices of chicken breast and vegetables. If you like to snack, try changing the snacks-sweets with fresh fruits.

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Five Mistakes When Doing Diet Program

Diet Problems And Solutions

Five Mistakes When Doing Diet Program

Spacing Breakfast

Breakfast by choosing the right foods in the morning is very important for the body to supply the energy needed to face the morning routine to avoid eating sugary or fatty snacks when hungry.

Excessive Fat-Free Foods

In fact, eating fat-free means the food is low in calories.

consumption of Salad

Contain a high calorie salad as well as hamburgers, especially if the vegetables covered with cheese, dry bread, and high-fat gravy.

Choosing Apples Or Oranges Juice Compared

Eating fresh fruit is much better because a lot of fiber or fibers are found as components of essential foods to the diet.

Tightening Calorie Consumption

The average body requires 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day to function. If done tightening calories, it will certainly slow down your metabolism resulting in causing health problems such as anemia.

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Diet Problems And Solutions

Diet Problems And Solutions

Four Enemies Your Diet

In order for your diet success, so be careful on the list of "enemies" of the following:

Artificial Sweeteners.

Not only food, but also drinks that contain artificial sweeteners. Note the sugar content listed in the product label, do not be fooled by the beverage product which is the product of green tea or fruit juice, because they also contain lots of sugarand high in calories.

Large portion

Choose foods in small portions. "a large portion will encourage people to spendthe food available, whether they're hungry or full," said Marion Nestle, PhD, anutritionist from New York University.


It's not easy to resist the urge to snack in between meals. Choose healthy snackslike fruits. Avoid conditions that can encourage someone to snack, such as staying up late, often working overtime or stress.


Actually the "enemy" the biggest in our dietadalah sendiri.Produsen food ismaking various delicious snacks and tasty, but we do not have to buy it?  Be a wise consumer. Feeling lazy too often arise from within ourselves. Temptationsare always there to relax, but we ourselves who decide to choose a sport or relax.

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Tips On Preventing Diabetes Foot Amputation

Tips to prevent leg amputations in diabetes. Here are tips from ACFAS (AmericanCollege of Food and Ankle Surgeons):

  1. Check your feet every day for sores that can lead to rot so that it becomes dangerous.
  2. Wash your feet gently with warm water.
  3. Moisten feet but avoid the area between the fingers.
  4. Never cut the skin to thicken as it can cause infection.
  5. Check inside shoes before use.
  6. Once a mark or problems immediately check the medicine to reduce the risk that rely more worse.

Thus had little tips, may be useful and helpful for you.

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